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Painted Dreams

This book was written to demonstrate acts of faith and the lessons that I learned in life that renewed my faith and made me stronger spiritually. All things are possible with prayer. Praying allows us to get in contact with our higher being and renewing our faith. This book is filled with short stories that provided spiritual guidance that strengthen the writer's spirit. I hope that it provides some spirit guidance to the readers. Allowing the spirit to guide me has changed my life. It has improved my physical being, restored relationships, improved my financial status, profound peace of mind, and given me confidence and courage to reach my highest potential in God's will. Painted Dreams has given color to my prayers. It gives a visual picture to prayers that only God can paint. This picture helps to strengthen our faith and make us stronger spiritually. Let God continued to bless my readers and myself and provide us with divine spiritual guidance.

"Soul Captivatingly Brilliant. Painted Dreams Captures You Indefinitely." "Painted Dreams" by Dr. Jo Hanna Mechergui is a masterpiece of art formed by brilliant illustration. Painted Dreams redefines you, naturally demands you to search deep within yourself and strengthen your own spiritual being. Each page has bought laughter, many tears and most importantly inner peace. I invite all readers to open themselves to this book and learn how to innovate who they are. Painted Dreams encourages you to reinvent you into the undefinable. The journey of reading Dr. Mechergui's texts has introduced healing, a new mind and a stronger relationship with God. Painted dreams is nurturing and rejuvenating to the soul. Soul Captivatingly Brilliant. Painted Dreams Captures You Indefinitely. Bravo! ~Kayla Marie

Reclaiming Dreams to Healing, Health, and Happiness

Reclaiming our dreams is an inspirational insight that I gain through meditation. In meditation, I am able to connect with my spiritual inner being, which brings clarification to my present being. Meditation allowed me to listen to life, travel through time, learn from the past, and collect knowledge along the way. It provided me with a better future and allowed me to live my dreams and live my best life possible. Meditation has allowed me to listen to the inner voice of God. It lets me know the difference between my opinion and the spiritual knowledge that I gain through meditation, to know that the illusions of the world are just that. It is no good without the proper alignment with God. No event or situation is without his knowledge, and his place in that alignment is more precious than any other thing or process in our current existence.

Starting at $3.99

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