Ka’u Darkwood | 100% Ka’u Coffee


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Origin: Ka’u coffee | Yellow honey processed | Typica variety
Roast: Dark
Tasting Notes: Fudge, molasses, blackberry, vanilla, and spruce.


This dark roast Ka’u coffee is smooth, sweet, and versatile. It’s perfect for espresso, filter coffee, and even cold brew. It’s a daily favorite of our team for its rich, fudge flavors and full body.

It’s a yellow honey processed coffee, which doesn’t refer to actually honey, but that the sticky-sweet layer of pulp remains on the coffee instead of being removed. The results are similar to real honey, though: floral, sweet, buttery, and smooth, never bitter or acidic.  Often you’ll catch the aroma of vanilla, nougat, or honey, regardless of the roast level.

Ka’u Darkwood coffee is perfect both with and without milk, with enough boldness to shine through in a cappuccino or latte, as well as enough complexity and nuance to stand on its own.

Ka’u Darkwood and Ka’u Morning Glory are produced by a one-of-kind coffee farmer who lives and breathes coffee. He has the kind of passion and knowledge for farming that he can talk for 3 hours straight about plant health, N-P-K ratios, coffee varieties, and the organic nitrogen-fixing properties of perennial peanuts on coffee. John is exactly the kind of coffee farmer we love to work with.

John often says that he “can’t keep up” with the amount of Ka’u coffee we purchase from him (thanks to you), so he’s recently purchased more farmland in Ka’u to expand his coffee farm and varieties.


Coffee Size

10 oz, 5 lb

Coffee Style

Whole Bean, Drip, French Press


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