Dark & Deep Hawaiian Coffee Collection


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This collection is for darker coffee lovers and tours Hawaii through 3 different growing regions: Kona, Ka’u & Maui coffee. Each coffee is roasted to order and comes with the roast date on the bag.

The coffees are roasted just enough to amplify mouthfeel and roast flavor, but not enough to cover origin characteristics that make these coffees recognizable as being excellent darker roast Hawaiian coffees.

Please note: tasting notes describe the natural nuances in these unflavored Hawaiian coffees.

  • 100% Kona Coffee | Kona Moon Tasting notes: Dark chocolate, hazelnut, graham cracker cookies; smooth and balanced
  • 100% Ka’u Coffee | Ka’u Darkwood Tasting notes: Fudge, cherry, tobacco, blackberry & spruce
  • 100% Maui Coffee | Maui Mana Tasting notes Dark chocolate truffles and allspice; Balanced, mellow, and smooth.


Recommended brewing via French press: 1g coarse ground coffee to 16g of 198-200 F water. Add enough water to completely saturate the grounds and let bloom for 30 seconds, then add the remainder of the water and steep for an additional 3:30 minutes. The total brew time should be 4 minutes. Press and enjoy.

Coffee Size

7 oz, 10 oz

Coffee Style

Whole Bean, Drip, French Press


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