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Origin: Ka’u coffee | Yellow honey processed | Typica variety
Roast: Medium-light
Tasting Notes: Pecan, caramel, cinnamon, and spruce with juicy elements of orange and vanilla; yellow honey processed, bright and sweet


Our honey-processed Ka’u Morning Glory is our bright and sweet signature Ka’u coffee. It’s notable for long and juicy fruit tones, a medium-full body, and a sweet candied nut finish.

Despite the reference to honey, no apiary products were used in the making of this beautiful coffee. Like “natural” or “washed,” “honey” is a coffee processing method; the important step of separating the outer layer of a coffee cherry from the inner seed or “bean.” When the skin is removed, sticky, sweet mucilage is exposed and its golden amber color is reminiscent of honey. Hence we call it honey-processed coffee.

Delightful for espresso or pour over, our yellow honeyed Ka’u coffees are rich yet mellow, never bitter or acidic. The flavor notes are often similar to real honey: floral, sweet, buttery, and smooth with an ever-so-slight hint of fruit and blossoms. Often you’ll catch the aroma of vanilla, nougat, or honey, regardless of the roast level.

Ka’u Morning Glory and Ka’u Darkwood are produced by a one-of-kind coffee farmer who lives and breathes coffee. He has the kind of passion and knowledge for farming that he can talk for 3 hours straight about plant health, N-P-K ratios, coffee varieties, and the organic nitrogen-fixing properties of perennial peanuts on coffee. John is exactly the kind of coffee farmer we love to work with.

John often says that he “can’t keep up” with the amount of Ka’u coffee we purchase from him (thanks to you), so he’s recently purchased more farmland in Ka’u to expand his coffee farm and varieties.


What you’ll need:

  • Kettle
  • Scale
  • Burr Grinder
  • Chemex
  • Coffee


    1. Place filter in Chemex.
    2. Ensure tripled sided portion is on same side as spout.
    3. Rinse filter with hot water.
    4. Discard water and preheat your mug.
    5. Measure 40g (about 6 tbsp.) of freshly roasted coffee.
    6. Grind coffee to a medium, about the size of sea salt.
    7. Place coffee in filter.
    8. Gently shake to level the coffee bed.
    9. Zero out scale and start timer.
    10. Pour 100g of hot water about 205°F, onto the coffee making sure to evenly saturate all of the coffee grounds.
    11. Let coffee bloom for 45 sec., the bloom releases the gases in the coffee.
    12. Pour another 150g of water every 45 sec., pouring in a circular pattern starting from the center and moving outward to the edges of the coffee bed to ensure all coffee grounds are saturated evenly.
    13. Continue pouring until you reach 600g, or about 20oz, of coffee. You should finish pouring all of the water in 3 min.
    14. The last pour will take about 1 minute to finish draining. Total brew time should be about 4 min.

Remove filter and discard.

  1. Swirl coffee in the Chemex
  2. Pour coffee into your mug and enjoy!
Coffee Size

10 oz, 5 lb

Coffee Style

Whole Bean, Drip, French Press


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